25 thoughts on “How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

  1. larikamenthil says:

    zomg i wuv her lips. Is that natural or, did you use something on it?

  2. april cali says:

    @iFNlovekidcudi hahaha hes playinmario sunshine mah bro has dat game

  3. …and also your skin is gorgeous you glow ^-^

  4. AnimeLuverXLol says:

    whats worked for you? ive heard alot about breast actives but im not sure.
    do you think they work or is it bogus crap?

  5. cheana1008 says:

    you look ALOTTT like jennifer hudson(: really pretty.!<3

  6. leetledanigirl says:

    @NeekSterr you’re 15. Don’t trip, i didn’t get boobs until i was like 16.
    Some girls just develope later than others.

  7. Caitlin Greenwood says:

    u sound like nicki minajjj

  8. Jermed Jones says:

    where’s the photographs??

  9. Emily Boyd says:

    she sounds like nicki minaj

  10. Heydy Aguilar says:

    what are some foods and “herbs” i can take or eat to make my boobs bigger?
    if you know anything PLEASE let me know!!!!

  11. can u just tell us the “secret potion” please? im running out of
    time!!!!!!!!!! lol

  12. Emily Jensen says:

    Use creams and lotions. There are many varieties to choose from, including
    different strengths and textures. Most contain ingredients that attempt to
    stimulate the breast tissue. My winning choice is w..helpobreastsize.comm
    or just google ” helpo breast size oil “

  13. i’m 14 and i’m flat. like reallyreally flat. what should i eat to make it
    bigger? I’m lesser than an A cup :/

  14. @NERDzxc Girrl ur only 14 , u shouldnt care about boobs. lol U have plenty
    of time to grow so chill!

  15. 123sayuri100 says:

    eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww nasty wht am i doing here anyway o.o

  16. Akebia Cooley says:

    im just saying butt to get it you gotta eat home made

  17. My parents probably wouldn’t let me get that book. I’m really wanting
    bigger boobs by my 12 birthday because I have a super cute dress but I
    don’t fill it. Is there any thing else I can use?

  18. Alicemason609 says:

    Or another fact.. Drink heaps of milk.. All the fat of the milk goes to
    your chest and makes it bigger

  19. Sabrinarostorfer5 says:

    wtf?!? do u spend half the video talking about the danger of that….WELL
    STUFF! i know it’s bad but i came to find answers not dangers!

  20. chelina45 says:

    one question? do you drink the herbs,eat or how do you take it?

  21. Cheryl Caramoy says:

    I want to share my secret on how to get my boobs bigger, details at
    breast-success.info if you are interested… and don’t worry all the
    ingredients are natural plant based and no hormones!

  22. MovinInMovinOut says:

    You aint really know what to do about it right? The real secret to getting
    bigger breasts is to control other hormones which supress estrogen and
    breast growth.. hmm. u better learn how to control it by just following the
    program at the site; BoostBreast *.* info

  23. pregnant1345 says:

    Infertility treatments Infertility is a global public health concern and
    affects approximately 10% – 15% of couples worldwide

  24. Nana Jenkins says:

    is it permanent?

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